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Custom Built Vaults &
Safe Deposits

Strongrooms & Vaults

Protecting National & International Wealth

  • Custom Design and Build
  • Europe's largest and highest CEN graded Gold Reserve
  • Cash in Transit Vaults
  • Bulk Bullion and Drug Storage Vaults
  • CEN Grades

Safe Deposits

Securing Corporate and Private Wealth

  • London’s latest state-of-the-art Safe Deposit Centres
  • Bespoke Design and Installation
  • 24 hr Emergency Support
  • Construction of Vaults and Safe Deposit Boxes
  • CEN Grades

Custom design and installation of the world’s most secure storage facilities

scientifically tested and certified to the highest European standards

About us

Newgate International Ltd designs and builds European tested and graded vaults to the latest European security standard EN 1143 1.

For protection above the highest European standard, Newgate International offers a vault within a vault concept.

Our recent projects range from Europe’s latest and largest gold reserve to two of London’s latest state of the art safe deposits. Our client base ranges from precious metal storage, bullion refiners, cash-in-transit companies, controlled drug storage and safe deposits. Each vault is custom designed and built to a client’s preferred size and European grade, any size options can be manufactured from a single small standalone vault to a large multi-floored or grouped concept. Vault doors are manufactured to a given European grade in a standard or custom built size.

Our in-house specialist knowledge, experience and reputation spans 45 years of European vault and safe deposit design production and installation.

Strongrooms & Vaults

Vault / Strongrooms are available in two forms: one is in-situ poured, which is built on site and the other is prefabricated and demountable (PSR), factory built.

In-situ poured vaults involve a specific concrete design mix with specific aggregates, the design incorporates the required structural steel reinforcement and security reinforcement to CEN Grade XIII CD EX.

PSR’s for higher risks are manufactured from CEN Grade X CD EX to CEN XIII CD EX.

Main and emergency vault doors and vestibules for in-situ poured vaults are custom built up to CEN Grade XIII CD EX. These doors can be manufactured with detachable vestibules or fixed vestibules with flush thresholds. Main and emergency vault doors for PSR’s are also manufactured up to CEN Grade XIII CD EX with fixed vestibules and flush thresholds.

Locking for vault doors for CEN Grade XII CD EX and XIII CD EX should only incorporate PAXOS Advance locks incorporated into the vault door design. PAXOS Advance locks are digital combination locks that have a redundancy feature for reassurance against lock motor failure. When fitted with a function box during manufacture, the PAXOS enables connection for alarm duress and access control for lock automation. Other features include multi-manager and user codes, time lock, time delay and the facility of an audit trail.

PAXOS Advance software is required when a client wishes to use all of the PAXOS Advance features.

European Testing:

The European Certification Board implemented a European wide safe vault and vault door certified testing in 1997, allowing vault manufacturers to submit their products for testing and certification to the European standard EN 1143.1. This board is known as ECB.S. Unlike some other test bodies outside of the European Union, the ECB.S tests are scientific. Each tool or item of equipment within a given test centres weaponry has a tool coefficient, allowing the test centre to accurately calibrate the exact time taken to award a given grade. In addition to the grade, a resistance value (RU) is awarded.

To enhance the higher grades and to protect against explosive charges (EX) and core drills (CD), EX and CD can be specified, which will substantially increase the RU values accordingly, enhancing a given grade.

Safe Deposits

Safe deposits should be built to the highest European standard possible and beyond and must incorporate the highest physical and electronic layer defences for the risk.

The internal safe deposit columns/boxes are manufactured in a manual or electronic control. The design and configuration of the safe deposit columns is crucial to the successful operation of a safe deposit.

It is fundamental to select safe deposit columns that have proven reliability and durability. Aesthetically, the finish of the columns and the safe deposit doors should be practical and attractive. Carefully selected colour schemes can make a substantial difference to the overhaul internal impression of a safe deposit.

The box configuration within the columns requires careful consideration to create the maximum number of boxes from a revenue perspective whilst allowing the maximum physical space available for access and the free flow of clients.

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